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Step 1 Installing your generator

Step 1

Installing your generator is not difficult, but the generator is heavy, so there will be some tough lifting times. To start with locate all the pieces needed in holding the generator in place. Adjustable arm, spring, bolts, rubber bushings and spring.

A1397 Generator mounting lower bolts
A1395 Rubber Insulator
A1392 Generator Lower support

Step 2

FORD Owners: if you are looking for the F script its located in the middle of the arm.

Step 3

The generator bracket will have one rubber bushing, and secured to the block by two 3/8 x 7/8 -16 bolts.

Step 4

Install the 2nd rubber bushing into the hole in the block. You should see both rubber bushings.

Step 5

The two bolts to the right in this picture will be inserted into the bushing. Its a tight fit so you may want to grease the inside of the bushing with a little oil. Also when you insert don't insert all the way, because you have to lift the Generator into place first

Step 6

In this photo you can see how the generator fits onto the bracket. The bolts will insert from the inside, and the nut will be applied on the outside of the bracket. Note how the generator fits on the outside of the bracket.

Step 7

This photo shows how the Arm and spring are connected. The small bolt (two previous picts) shows how the arm attaches to the block behind the fan blade. Apply the spring at the end of this process.

Step 8

Here is the backside of the generator installed. You can adjust the arm based on where your generator lines up, and the pressure on the fan belt.

Nice picture provided by Mike Strohlein

Step 9

Finally with the generator around the fan belt, and arm holding the generator in place, you want to try and add the spring on the arm. Tighten the nut on the arm to generator and verify you have very little play in the fan belt. These wide belts don't need much tension. You should be able to deflect the belt about 1/2" with moderate finger pressure. Excessive tension is hard on water pump bearings. (tip from Pete Silfven)

Nice picture provided by Mike Strohlein



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