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MB GPW G503 WWII Military Jeep Carter Carburetor Choke and Throttle Connections WW2 Restoration

This article shows the G503 WWII Jeep Carter Carburetor Choke and Throttle Connections

This article applies to both Willys MB and Ford GPW WWII Military Jeeps 

1. First, locate the two areas that you will be installing the linkage to the carburetor. The top connector is for the choke (Closing carburetor to allow more fuel mixture when starting), and the throttle which opens up the carburetor to apply more fuel mixture for higher engine RPMs.

2. These next pictures are wonderful picturesprovided by Derek Eddlestone with permission. This first picture shows the bracket for holding the choke (upper) and throttle (lower) connections

3. Pull your cables through the bracket, but don't tighten untill after we have the cables connected to their original locations

4. Next, push the choke cable through the pin. Besure you choke knob on the dash is pushed all the way in, and that the chock valve plate (flapper) is wide open. Then tighten the screw down on the cable

5. The choke cable should be connected to the bond strap from firewall and connected to the bracke and through the screw as shown.

6. Next we want to run the throttle cable down to the pin on the throttle bracket.Note: The pin here is a seperate piece and is not connected to the bracket like the choke pin.

7. With the throttle knob on the dash pushed in, push the throttle cable through the pin and tighten the screw down.

8. Next, connect the throttle connector arm to the throttle lever and back to the linkage for the gas pedal.

9. Here you see the spring that holds the gas pedal arm linkage to the throttle connector arm

10. Connect the fuel line to the carb and you should be ready connected.


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